lots of years plus one.


yesterday i went to sleep being lots of years old

today i woke up being lots of years plus one more year old

i’ll begin by sharing the day with my kinder

who love to celebrate most everything.ย 

“do not grow old, not matter how long you live.

never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.”

-albert einstein

image/cartoon credit: gary larson, the far side

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  1. Happy Birthday dear Beth. Continue to be a source of love, fun, excitement, education and a great person to be around for yourself, the kinder, your family and many, many friends. Itโ€˜s good to know you. All of us wish you a wonderful (belated) birthday and a great New Year of Life.

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  2. Happy Birthday, Beth. I believe you have a typo in your Einstein quote as an unexpected present. Displaying โ€œceaseโ€ as โ€œeaseโ€ seems strangely apt. Enjoy your day!

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