the land of your childhood.


first snow of the year – outdoor adventure day

first time with sustained snow play for many

running, jumping, sticks, snow angels, footprints, chasing,

snow picnic, snow story, snowballs, duck,duck,polar bear game,

lost mittens, noses running, rosy cheeks

eating lots and lots and lots of snow

one said it was the best snack in the world

and it just might be.


“there is no land like the land of your childhood.”

-michael powell

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  1. No matter how many times we’ve seen snow that first one of the season still calls us to the window.
    But when you live where snow may come but once every 3-4 years …. it may all be melted by the time you get to the window.

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  2. Ah, to be like those children again, who are oblivious to the cold and the runny noses, who can expend energy to run and play in the white stuff and seemingly never run out, to, when forced to go back indoors, are still full of the adrenaline and joy of being outside in the snow.


  3. A joyous time. We don’t get snow here often, but I remember the excitement of the first snowfall. We’re heading to Colorado next week, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing some there.

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  5. Every time it snows, I become a child again. I hope to never lose that. The commuting can take the fun out of it but I always looked at it as a challenge. That was when I was younger and lived in more remote locations. Snow on trees is like a decoration. Looking forward to a little more this year.

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