the fair along the way to the fair –




       set out with music playing in my ears, headed off to the art fair.  as usual, walking along at street level, i was happily surprised by the small things i encountered on the journey. 

lemonade stand – came across a mother, with a baby in carrier strapped to her chest, along with her 3 other little ones running enthusiastically up and down the sidewalk in front of the stand.  i stopped to give them  some business and they would not accept my money, said it was ‘complimentary’ and that all they wanted in return is for me to smile and enjoy it. 


clothing sale – came across a large table in a front yard with clothing for sale. after looking around for the homeowner, i found her curled up on the porch, under a blanket, fast asleep. a box was left on the table for buyers to leave money in, if they chose to buy any of the clothing. 


parking, the great leveler – walked by the following  places, all offering parking spaces for $10. where else would you ever see all of these entities listed together, all engaged in singular activity, at the same time?


  • church
  • medical marijuana store
  • asian spa
  • car wash
  • student house 

       when one considers an event as huge as the annual art fair, you sometimes forget it is what happens on the periphery that is really the most interesting, memorable, and beautiful.


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