to sign own self be true –



except for now and except for this lane and except for this orange barrel and except for who knows how long?


in complex trains of thought signs are indispensable. – George Henry Lewes

 words are but the signs of ideas. – Samuel Johnson


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  1. While driving through Maine last week (was that really only last week?) I was tickled (confused) by some signs on more than one occasion. It seems that Maine likes to have their freeways/highways overlap… a lot… and in some instances I was on 3 at once: #S, #W, and #N …. I can understand being on North and West (or South and West) roads at the same time… but, how was I heading both North and South at the same time????


  2. The “LOOK!” sign is actually very important, as I found out a few months ago. It says, “LOOK! Your combo number may have changed”, or something like that. After over 15 years of my favorite McDonalds meal being #4, they went and changed it to #5 without my prior consultation. It was only after I realized I had gotten served the wrong meal that I noticed the “LOOK!” sign, and saw they had monkeyed with the menu board. Guess it didn’t get my attention…


  3. I admit to being an “iced-coffee” junkie at “Mickey-D’s!” There’s one close to my house which was recently remodeled. The building is great, but they took a two-lane drive-thru down to one and paved it in such a way that nobody can navigate it in one try!

    As far as I’m concerned, they could have left the original drive-in lanes alone. They were great before!



  4. I can think of a few more signs to use but hey
    not going to mention any or I could get a spanking 😦
    Actually that could be worth it…

    Strike that, nooooo not that
    I mean the comment 🙂 Cheeky…

    Have a lovely rest of evening K S Beth 😉

    Andro xxxx


  5. I love the “any lane any time,” paired with the barrel. Like a beach hat with a parka, just a magical ensemble that JK Rowling might have had a wizard wear. I’ve really enjoyed catching up on your blog. I especially liked your haiku and your three crying kids holding joy. That’s the yin and yang of children for sure. 🙂


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