more than one way to win a series…


for those of you who follow sports and all that goes with them, i have a bit of a rivalry/wager going with syracuse writer and friend mark, over at we are both minor league baseball fans, and his syracuse chiefs, (who knows who they are?), will be up against my toledo mud hens (detroit tigers farm team), in an upcoming epic battle. there will games played at both stadiums, for a chance to show their stuff and to quiet one of us down. let’s start with our mascots, after looking at our roster, those chiefs don’t stand a chance!


Birthday: July 6
Muddy the Mud Hen has been entertaining fans of all ages for years. He can be found roaming the concourse and dancing on the dugouts during all home games at Fifth Third Field. Muddy also loves posing for pitcures, so bring your camera when you come to a game!
He has received national recognition in such publications as: Sports Illustrated, Baseball Weekly, the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News. A celebrity in his own right, from parades to parties, Muddy is everyone’s buddy.
Birthday: April 29
The original ‘Material Bird’ made her debut as Toledo’s second mascot in April of 2003. She loves to dance and loves baseball.
Muddonna can be seen at home games in her signature pinstripe dress. Her best Hen-Friend is Muddy.


JIM FLEALAND (based upon retired detroit tigers manager, jim l)

Debut: May 22, 2008

About: Jim is a major league runner who always manages to pester his competition. His racing style has a biting edge which makes him a tough itch to scratch. Cheer on Jim as he smokes the competition!

Favorite Major League Baseball Team: Detroit Tigers
KITTY HOLMES (based up toledo native, katie holmes)
Debut: May 22, 2008
About: Kitty is a racing feline phenomenon who relies on her cat-like reflexes to help claw her way to victory… sometimes just by a whisker. This little lady is nothing to meow at. Cheer her on as she tries to Cruise to victory!
Favorite TV Show: Clawson’s Creek
JAMIE FARRMADILLO (based upon toledo native, jamie farr)
Debut: May 22, 2008
About: This sprinting soldier with the armor shell is always out to M*A*S*H* his competition. He’ll take it the Max, Klinging to the lead until the very end. Cheer on Jamie as he rolls to a win!
Enjoys: LPGA Golf

and we have backup:

Debut: June 8, 2007
Standing 9 feet tall, this bouncing bird hatched from an outer space egg sent to Fifth Third Field in the spring of 2007.
Muddevious, who is more than a little mischievous, finds ways to create fun by pulling pranks and playfully interacting with fans at Fifth Third Field.
He’s full of energy and has some out-of-this-world dance moves.
Debut: June 8, 2007
Muddiva arrived via space egg, with cohort Muddevious, in the spring of 2007.
This dynamic (and demanding) damsel hits all the high notes when it comes to entertaining Mud Hens fans.
Muddiva is a sinister songstress who enjoys greeting her public at Fifth Third Field… and causing a little bit of trouble along the way. 


syracuse mascots, scooch and pops

(we’re not really too worried)


i have a good feeling about this one, fire up hens!

and mark has begun the trash talk early, as you can see in his post from yesterday :



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  3. I will always be on the side of the Mud Hens, when against any other team but the Columbus Clippers! I told Mark, there were many Toledo baseball games I attended driving the half hour with a boyfriend, girlfriend or ‘gang’ from BGSU! Go Mud Hens!


  4. This is just so hilarious!!! I need to get versed on these Michigan Mascots and teams. My nephew seems to love it there. His host family has him put up in a beautiful guest house all to himself with work-out gym and all. I think he’s pitching tonight against a friend of our family Dickie Joe Thon. My nephew is Kevin Ziomek. I better get on the ball, here!


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