egotism – usually just a case of mistaken nonentity. – barbara stanwyck



my name is up in lights

and alas, it tis’nt me

borders no longer


dog’s not my partner

but oh, what fun to see

such a name upon

the marquis.

i’ll never be mistaken for pat boone.
sal mineo

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  1. Well, Beth, I do recall a photo on this very blog a few days ago that have been headlined Dogs and Beth … or Dogs and Beth’s cottage. I love this photo. I miss Borders so much. I know you have your Indie bookstores to make up for it. We have B&N and some Indies but oh, Borders has its own pizzazz.

    Are you sure if I google Dogs and Beth there won’t be a redhead photo looking back at me?


  2. If it works the way it is with kids, it would have read “Dog and dog’s owner”. Why is it when it comes to introducing kids’ parents we just become “Courtney’s Dad”?


    Great picture, great quote. I love those quotes!


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