not my first rodeo?



by far

my favorite question



life insurance


‘are you in a rodeo?’


 i had

to laugh out loud


i’m not a fan

of rodeos

 i feel for the animals

and have no desire

to be

thrown from anything

to rope anything

to be around clowns

in any capacity

i must

look like


rodeo gal.


there are worse things in life than death.

have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?

– woody allen

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  1. Egads, don’t get me started on insurance companies. Yikes, I could fill a book and have some left over. I buy only the insurance I need and nothing more. I know that sharing the risk is an important idea and helps everyone, but somehow the insurance companies turn that into a gold mine for them. God help us all.

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  2. It is s funny, I was at home composing a post about cowboy boots! Seriously, are we on the same wave length or what? smiles and yes, that is rather strange question. Living in Delaware county near the horse harness racing part of the Triple Crown, I am part of a rodeo, in so many ways! I don’t mind it a bit, but won’t admit it on any insurance applications, Beth!!


  3. Beth, this is wonderful! I am so glad I discovered you on Judy’s blog. In Colorado, ins. salesmen ask if you climb mountains or do white water rafting. Asking about being in a rodeo–and then your sympathy with the animals who don’t volunteer to be in rodeos, either–is profound.
    Well done.


  4. How far down the list was that question, Beth? No. 3? No. 9? Did they ask you if you were in the circus? Flew a jet? Bungee jumped? Goodness. Are you in the rodeo? That’s what you get for taking your horse to the agent’s office instead of the Silver Subaru this morning, I guess.


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