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  1. How things have changed – people actually dressed up to go to the airport. To me as a kid, those planes look like how the rich people lived. Flying at all was for the rich people.
    Good news now everyone flies…with comfy clothes, easily removed shoes, and the TSA (I guess that’s an improvement?)
    Fun post!

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  2. All the men wore suits and ties, as we can see … Today, flip-flops and calf-shorts, spaghetti-straps and flat-brimmed caps. And that’s the people on business trips!

    I never flew in the days of pianos in planes, Beth. I’d be the sort to worry that it’d weigh the jet down too much in the rear.

    I hope you got through the fly-the-friendly-skies experience in good shape, and are enjoying a thaw in sunny SoCal!

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  3. Kind of raises the question why airplane disaster movies of the 70s didn’t have a sequence where the piano snaps free of its securing points and goes rolling down the aisles. Or maybe it did, since I didn’t watch any of the actual airplane disaster movies of the 70s, just Airplane!!.

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  4. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your post because I burst out laughing and if I’d been swallowing a liquid it would probably have squirted through my nostrils all over my screen and keyboard! Good one, Beth!

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  5. I am so glad to read some comments about this and laughing at how the photo really does look like fun place to be. So happy you are in a warmer climate, just read this is current and not a memory of a plane ride nor the true aspects of flying these days.
    Oh, I remember we used to think we would have liked being a stewardess, Beth!

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  6. I think it was United, or Pan-Am 747s that had a lounge on the upper level; it was very similar to the photo here — it was a bar, had a piano (and someone to play it). You could have a cocktail and smoke cigarettes. Of course, there were the even older planes, with a sleeping berth … when it took like 12-14 hours to fly coast to coast.

    Those were the days when you had to dress-up to fly. I remember when I was a kid in the 1970s, and we flew to the east coast to see my mom’s family (once a year), and to Iowa to see my dad’s family (once a year), we all got dressed up. My dad, my brother and I all had to wear suits, and my mom (who’d embraced the pantsuit by then), wore a dress. We wore better clothes on the plane than we wore to church. 🙂

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