knowing mom.


IMG_4141 (1)

early mother’s day surprise movie present

 courtesy of

my daughters

who remember prince and his music

as a part of their days

growing up with me



watched him on the big screen


sang and danced

with 1,000 other people 

of all ages

who remembered him too

and we even

smuggled in food

in a big purse

just like the days 

when we didn’t have a lot of money

but we did have

a lot of dollar movies

a lot of music


a whole lot of love.

everyone-always-talks-about-how-well-mothers-know-their-children-no-one-ever-seems-to-notice-how-quote-1 (1)

happy mother’s day to all who mother

and to those who really know their mothers.

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  1. This was such an excellent surprise, Beth! The gift did consider your love for movies, music and Prince!! What fun and yet, also is a sad movie, with harrowing elements in it. Just perfect for a mom and her daughters! ❤ ❤
    Happy Mother's Day and hope the rest of the month goes merrily down the stream, into June and your summer vacation! 😀

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  2. Happy Mothers’ Day Beth! Many years ago, my Mom said she wanted to make sure her children know they are loved. On our way back from VA yesterday, I shared with her that I recalled that and said, “…from where I’m sitting- Mission Accomplished.”

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