rush hour.




local rush hour traffic in yellowstone national park

“they say the universe is expanding.

that should help with the traffic.”

-steven wright

credits:, cameron patrick

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  1. Ha! It’s a march in protest of wages. I suspect that picture was taken when the Tea party shut down the government and the Bison’s paychecks stopped. They are on their way to overthrow the Republican Elephant – it was this picture that scared the Republicans into giving up.

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  2. Lovely shot. In NZ it is common to find sheep on country roads, or occasionally cows being taken for milking. The sheep are kinda fun — the cows, a bit scary but probably less than bison. 😀

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  3. #confession – I never wear much needed glasses! So I had to take a minute here & ask….what is the photo of? Bcuz it looked like a mix of people, herd of moose & maybe a buffalo or 2 going down the street. How bad am I off on this?

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