whether they are

next to firewood and a weinermobile at a grocery store


in front of a hare krishna drum circle on the university diag 

the scouts sell on. 


“a  scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”

-robert baden-powell

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      • ‘Bob-a-Job’ was a week, in April I think when Boy Scouts went knocking on doors to see if any jobs needed doing for a price of a ‘bob’, which was an old English shilling (about 5p today, or about 6cents). It was pure luck if you got an easy task like sweeping the back yard or something more onerous like digging over the vegetable patch. All money raised went to Scout funds. I doubt that it would be allowed these days, it would be considered too dangerous in an age when we have so little trust!

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  1. I like the Trefoils and the Samoas, Beth! Those G.S. cookies were part of my childhood. Mom liked the thin mints. My own daughter (oldest one) liked selling them to go to summer camp. Yummy and always good to help out the scouts. 🙂

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