passing the time.


the old one

takes his time

relaxes and fishes

the young ones row fast

all in a crew

the middle one


from a motor boat

tells them how and what to do.

“old age is ready to undertake tasks

that youth shirked because they would take too long.” 

-w. somerset maugham 

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  1. I hope once I reach an old age that I don’t look back and regret overlooking somethings and doing other things too quickly. When you stop and think of the present it’s hard not to think “what now?”, “what next?” and I guess that continues your whole life.

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  2. After a tough week of thinking I have made a big decision and now I’ve come to terms with it I feel I will at last have time to think and I can’t wait. I love getting older surrounded by younger.

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  3. This was a beautiful photo, capturing so much within it, Beth. I think your own description says a lot!
    While the quote reminds me of how we tend to rush around, sometimes not doing something we enjoy, due to our “priorities.”

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