stories are the rivers.


my daughter was given a small box

filled with items

from her great grandfather/great grandmother

on her father’s side.

it contained such an interesting mix

with no one to explain

the meaning

the importance

the story

of the items inside.

some of them were:

a pocket knife,

a key to a city in louisiana,

one heart-shaped earring,

and a piece of paper with

‘hamlet, act 1, scene 3’

handwritten on it.

i wish we knew the story of

why each was significant in their lives.

why was each item worth saving in a special box?

‘we all belong to an ancient identity.

stories are the rivers that take us there.’

-frank delaney

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  1. i gotta re-locate my t-shirt with “Hey, Boo” emblazoned across the front. this blog entry just reminded me to figure out where I put it == somewhere amidst all the little boxes and shelves and drawers of treasures that only I love and understand! This blog today hits me where I live!

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  2. It would be intriguing to put a story together. Sort of: the knife from his childhood boy scout days to the ear ring left after his first time, the key to the city where they fell in love…..

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  3. Thanks for sharing this, Beth. I had already separated personal items into envelopes for my girls when I’m gone but never really thought to explain what meaning the things have for me. I will definitely do that so they are not left wondering. Great post!

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  5. Oh she’s a lucky girl to be given such treasure πŸ™‚ Your post reminds me of one I did a few years ago, about the archaeology of me. It’s interesting to think about what will remain of our lives in the future.

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