lincoln logs were invented by frank lloyd wright’s son. 

a trivial gift for you on january 4th, in honor of national trivia day


‘i think Iim a trivia nerd. i love to learn about everything. i’m curious.’

-adam rodriguez

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  1. I had no idea. I found that the son got the idea from his design for a Japanese hotel that used interlocking timbers. The point of those was to allow the building to sway but not collapse in an earthquake, and in fact the building stood after one of Japan’s serious earthquakes.

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  2. Currently I have a bunch of wooden dowels in the garage and I’ve been planning and scheming for weeks how I will somehow line them all up to cut the grooves to make Lincoln’s Logs. I feel inspired now!

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  3. I love it when I learn something new! I also won’t remember it in ten minutes. My brain is a sieve. I didn’t even know there was a trivia day. My kids are good at trivia but their brains are going fast too. 😉 Loved Lincoln logs. My son had them and I played with his. 🙂

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