hard to tell from this shot

but these benches

were sitting

back to back

slanted at a downward angle

on the side of a hill.

is this a geometry puzzle?

is this a statement?

is this art?

is this science?

is this_______?


“if the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can just ain’t enough!”

-shel silverstein


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    • and that’s me, but even i can’t figure out how to actually sit in them. maybe if you laid down on them, feet facing toward the bottom of the hill and braced yourself, but you’d still slide down. i’d love to solve the mystery –

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  1. Strange! If this is a place you walk to often, you’re going to have to see if it changes (and report back). I noticed a pair of rickety benches appeared one day in a spot overlooking the river. Perhaps park benches are just traveling the country. They travel at night when no one is around. . .

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  2. I’m not sure either, but there’s a lot to think about with these benches. Are they for people who are angry with each other? Or do they just give a little bit of privacy for 2 strangers who happen to find them and want to sit at the same time. It’s actually pretty fun to imagine the scenarios!

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