’tis the season.


 turned in my ballot 

watched the first debate

went to sleep hopeful

’tis the season of change

i feel it in the air. 



“you are not just for the right or left, but for what is right over the wrong.”

– suzy kassem, the writings of suzy kassem

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  1. This from Robert Goldstein’s blog site…

    “Trump and his Flying Monkeys are branding average Americans as radical
    left-wing extremists. Therefore, I must state what I stand for:

    I stand for the principle that all people are equal before the law.

    I stand for our right as Americans to have a President who treats us with dignity and respect.

    I stand for our centuries-long commitment to building a more perfect Union.

    I stand for our military and its right to a Commander in Chief who is worthy of respect.

    I stand for healthy children who have plenty to eat and safe schools.

    I stand for investing in our future with a fully funded system of public education.

    I stand for science over superstition, fact over opinion, and reason over violence.

    I stand for a government based on compassion, one that works for all of us.

    I stand for American Democracy, our NATO Allies, the Paris Accords and
    the Rule of Law.

    Therefore I stand with Joe Biden, not because I am a Democrat or a Progressive; I stand with Joe Biden because, as a citizen of a great democracy, I want a President who knows I am somebody, that my life matters, my voice counts. “

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  2. Beth I am glad you are hopeful. As for the debate it was not a debate. Trump behaved like the sociopath that he is. He repeatedly violated the very rules he agreed to for the debate. He ignored the moderator. Talked over and trampled the moderator. He continually interrupted and shouted over Biden. When Biden condemned all violence and law breaking during protests and the moderator asked Trump twice to condemn white supremacist and white militia violence instead of doing that he gave them a rally call. He told them “stand back and stand by”. Trump is a domestic enemy. He is breaking his oath. He is a sociopath. He does not care about the Constitution or any of our laws. All he wants is power. And he is willing to do anything to keep it. What president before him has ever said “throw out the ballots” ? He is believable. Believable for the force of evil that he is.

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  3. BRAVO – and I hope that EVERYBODY goes voting. It’s funny as we had votes in CH last weekend and there were MANY items to consider as the votes in May had to be postponed. And guess what: We had a record participation of well over 60% (still wahaaaay not enough, but better than normal) – we wondered whether the events and the drama in your country could have been partially the reason for this ‘voting with your feet’….

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  4. We must vote early and believe that the system will protect our rights. It’s inconceivable that a majority to justices not he Supreme Court will allow the constitution to be trampled by a Dictator-in-diapers”. We must believe our democracy will hold. This is NOT about a political campaign – it is our last chance to stop a Fascist. He told his racist milia to “stand by” – we all know what that means…and it is sickening.

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  5. It doesn’t say much for us that in a country of 330 million people, these are our choices. I will still vote, but I haven’t felt excited to vote since President Obama.

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  6. Hi. I love all of the replies. I respect and feel your hope. We all have hope. I hope for a leader who gets tasks done. When one commands against anger, one must do so with a great strength. This is the hope we all have.
    I do know President Trump behaved as President Trump behaves. But I do not know how VP Biden will behave as a president. Neither did VP Biden behave any better than our current President, but showed a disdain for the very position he seeks. Would I love to have a president whose policies may seem demeaning to humanity, and respect him for his person.?
    But rather is it better to have a respect for policies that are for all Americans, especially the poorest of the poor, and have disdain for the personality?
    I think so.
    Our prior presidents until 1960 have no first hand accounting to judge them by their personality, not since the 1960 Debates on tv. But rather their policies and their effects.
    all things being equal, the choice should be the policy and not the Person. Race. Gender or Creed.
    With hope in my heart, I say the very nature of debate is controlled argumentative opposing points of view. Not a direct plea for votes to the camera.
    Mail in votes expanded for the purpose of health Covid concerns. Not to to opportunities the chaotic frenzy to get an electorally legit president removed under the auspices of the illness he has left so many to die of.
    I saw no remberance of the purpose for wide scale mail in. Nor apparently did the former VP

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