while shopping at target recently

i found myself in a long, slow, self-checkout line

behind a family of three-

a tired after a long day looking mother

 a perky tween daughter

and a high-energy young son

who was clearly bored and restless.

needing to create something to do

the young son

somehow found a way to

push his head through the middle of the skeleton wreath

that they were waiting to purchase.

 due to the crazy universal law of

‘on is easier than off’

he could not get it

back over his head to take it off again.

first he tried to get it off himself,

then his sister joined in,

when she heard his yelping

mom turned around, sighed, put her things down, and proceeded to help

looking at her wits end

as they patiently worked their way toward the front of the snaking line

continuing to struggle with the skeleton wreath removal project.

when they finally were in the front

mom asked the store clerk if she could scan the wreath while he was still wearing it

and deal with getting it off after they purchased it

she got the go ahead, scanned it on his neck, along with all her other items

and moved out of line.

employees quickly jumped in to help

 with one holding his ears flat,

another tilting the wreath in a variety of positions,

his mother putting lotion on his face

moving his head up and down,

and his sister trying to keep him calm.

when they were finally able to free his head from the wreath

he stopped crying

mom quietly pushed her cart out of the store

her son carrying the wreath

his sister holding his hand

looking like they were all more than ready to head home. 

“there is no panic like the panic when you momentarily feel

when you get your hand or head stuck in something.”

-peter kay

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  1. Had a good chuckle 😄 Sorry, can’t help it, I’m immature. If I were there when they scanned the wreath on this head, I would have embarrassed myself by laughing hideously, crashing to the floor 😄 Hope the poor kid atleast learnt!

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  2. Oh God poor kid… Side note, if I were that mom I probably would’ve been able to squeeze a blog post out of that eventful incident lol.. The panic of not being able to remove my skinny jeans is the same panic I feel when I can’t immediately remove a too-tight ring from my finger LOL

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  3. that was a funny story – the poor mom. sounds like it worked out all right.

    perhaps they should have thought about trying to sneak out with it on his head without paying for it, as if it was something he always wore… 🙂

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  4. Perhaps you should have given a self-demonstration about how to remove a skeleton wreath properly.

    This reminds me of a story one of my colleagues tells about warning one of her students not to put his pencil eraser in his ear. I don’t think I ever had to caution anyone about that.🤣 Anyway, as luck would have it, the end of the eraser came off and lodged into the kid’s ear. She tried to remove it, but he ended up having to go to ER to remove it. Let this be a lesson for you, kids.😊

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  5. I’m still giggling. It reminds me too much of when my boys were little. The fact she bought it and then rescued him made me laugh harder. My Dad probably would’ve made me keep it on….for a long time lol.

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