the end in mind.


on the first of three days

of parent-teacher conferences

at the end of just our second family meeting

one of us

(names are unimportant)

closed the conference

with a friendly goodbye –

“have a great weekend!”

only to

glance up


it was actually

tuesday at 10:02am.

almost there….

 “begin with the end in mind.”

-stephen covey


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  1. One of the many great things about being retired is that I no longer have that ‘waiting for the weekend’ feeling. (Mind you, I worked shifts as an EMT or for the police for most of my life, usually only getting one weekend off in each month.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. They are either ahead of themselves or they are behind of themselves, either way they have misplaced themselves … a flight to Western Australia and back might readjust their time settings!!

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  3. I get it. Same page. Four year old Elijah will be with grandma and grandpa every day and night next week. Should be an “experience” each day. By mid-morning we’ll feel like it’s bedtime.

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  4. It’s so neat how you use our “human” moments to share with always the perfect quote and pic! Have a great weekend, Beth! (I had to,…because I’m usually the one slipping it up or saying, “I love you!” oops! Maybe I don’t? Well, I do,. But not in THAT way) 🤍

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