hangin’ tough.

unexpected fun
when my friend won tickets
  to a new kids on the block concert
‘the mixtape tour”
with other ‘retro’ bands of that era
salt-n-pepa, rick astley, and en vogue
bands i haven’t seen or heard
since i took my daughter and her friend
30ish years ago
not my dream music but great to be 
in the midst of a  really happy crowd who still loved them
and who knew i’d spend my friday night dancing with nkotb?
“keep calm and hang tough.”
-new kids on the block

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  1. I had a suspicion you would be spending your Friday night dancing your heart out but did not think it would be at a New Kids concert. Glad you all had a good time. Certain songs become bookmarks in the story of our lives, and when we hear them, we are taken back to that page and reminded.

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  2. How much fun was THAT…the second you said en vogue I started hearing their songs. They were all good and I’m glad you got to see them and dance, even if they aren’t your “go-to” sounds. Things change and what we once liked, fades away for something that is more relevant. Glad you had a wonderful time.

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