cooking by committee.


we worked hard making



savory monkey bread


gingerbread cookies

it took a team

lots of

shaking ,stirring, rolling. cutting, chopping, spilling, melting, cooking, waiting, cleaning up

loads of fun

 little bits of magic


a few mishaps

thrown in for good measure

to make

a perfect day of cooking


we set our fancy table


sit down together

 to share our feast.

“no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”

-julia child

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    • you cut or tear up dough into little pieces, dredge it in melted butter, throw it in a bundt pan, add herbs and spices and desired and bake it. then you have a tear apart bread for dipping and eating. sweet version is same except with cinnamon and sugar

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  1. Baking with my mom is a childhood memory I’ll never forget. That’s probably one of the reasons I liked cooking with my students in class. Math skills, measuring, working together—too many other benefits to mention here.

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