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back in the 60’s

so excited to begin my modeling hobby

 black fury arrived

took out all three of the pieces

two horse halves and a tail

 laid them out

along with my airplane glue

after reading the directions

carefully matching the halves

adding the tail

it’s black plastic body

smeared all over with glue

but it was together

 i had made it all by myself

gave it one last little squirt of glue

for good luck

which missed and went into my eye

my joy turned to dramatic squealing

zoomed off to the eye doctor

went home and looked at fury

with my one good eye

not sure what went wrong

learning not to add

one more little dab of something

when a project is finished

and began my foray into my new hobby

stamp collecting.

“when things go right it’s hard to figure out why,

but when things go wrong it’s really easy.”

-steven soderbergh


i am because we are.


as my son-in-law returns late tonight from a trip working with children in haiti, and his wife, my daughter, prepares to soon leave to do the same in kenya, i am struck by the unending giving spirit and nature of people in this world who understand we are all one. i look to each of them as models, for me and for others, and i plan to follow in their footsteps and do the same.