balance once again restored to the universe



as we sat having coffee and catching up on our lives, my friend shared where she had just been. as she was pulling out of the local resale furniture store, her car filled with all kinds of wonderful new treasures for her home, she got a voicemail. it was from her husband who said, ‘i see you.’ it seems he was also at the same store, though as she was leaving, he was just arriving, there to drop off a carload of wonderful old treasures from their home.

‘Aboard ship there’s a danger in having too much of anything for then one is bound to have too little of something else. ‘ – Mutiny on the Bounty 

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  1. Ann Arbor resale has some great treasures though…on our way out of town from Christmas we picked up a great antique kid’s rocking chair, an old court jester doll and a Bulgarian tamborine. Finn loves them all. We’ll get rid of a few things from our end to make up the space.


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