why i’m still single #4


and the online dating connections continue…


A little about me…

I am just lay back. 

About the one I’m looking for…

She just have and open mime just to list 

I’d just like to add…

Send me a message. 


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  1. At least something resembling thought went into that… all I ever got was compliments on my profile followed by proof that I still had not met the most boring woman in New Jersey. Apparently that’s what a well-written and descriptive profile means you desire with all your heart. Ugh. I have hidden mine for now, not in the mood to go through that awful process of
    1) read lots of profiles, choose the one you feel is the best match for you.
    2) send a brief message introducing yourself and commenting on specific items in their profile that caught your eye.
    3) wait for a response
    4) get a message from Honey Boo Boo’s mom.


    • @onthick – i know it is sure one crazy process, and in the end, all you and i, and most people out there want, is someone to travel through this world with, not too much to ask i don’t think, i remain romantic and optimistic )


  2. oh, holy moly. i hear ya. i’d been online dating for 10+ years…and finally FINALLY took a break. it’s been glorious to not have to deal with that nonsense. been away from it for about 4 months and figure i’ll have to get back to it at some point. i mean, i don’t want to be alone forever, but messages like this one you shared make me nauseous…

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