i didn’t know sheep could fly


as we waited at the gate for our plane, i was amazed by the new ‘system’ in place. i couldn’t quite get a handle on it at first, didn’t know exactly where to sit, where to line up, when, etc.

 this is how the gate agent explained it to me. ‘we’ll call you by your letter and you stand in a single file line by the pole that has your number on it that goes with your letter that we’ll call and then we’ll call you by letter and number together and and we’ll know you by that.  there are approximately 100 small strips of spaces with seats with numbers.’ being the black sheep that i am, i waited until the last possible second to get into line in my assigned number/letter place, and was met with gate agent glares. i think some of the other sheep may have been upset with me too. 



People, like sheep, tend to follow a leader – occasionally in the right direction.

Alexander Chase


In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.

Albert Einstein


The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same.




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  1. Would it be sort of ironic if I went along and agreed with everyone else about not being a sheep? Ack!

    So you are on your way home now? It sound like your trip was sooooo wonderful yahhh! *smiles*


  2. So weird, just watched a ‘Mythbusters’ episode about this last night. They tried out a pile of different methods for getting people onto planes quickly and often the more complicated preparation led to the fastest times but passenger satisfaction was really low for some of them. They didn’t interview passengers, just asked them to vote on way out of plane, but I’m betting it’s because they felt ‘herded’. The ‘Mythbusters’ episode was the last one from season 8 (if you’re interested).


  3. I haven’t done that numbers thing while flying for awhile. its annoying. The Amsterdam airport used to have sliding glass doors which Jack and I never encountered. No numbers, the sliding glass door just opened when it was time to board. The herd left us behind, we had no idea the door opening meant go! Dumb sheep!


  4. I have no idea what that guard was saying. Maybe if i repeat it over a few times? Nevertheless, there are difficulties associated with being a black sheep, notably the fact that they are usually the first ones to get eaten (being noticeable and all)…


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  6. It sounds very organised, like a school trip. It is a bit different from the Ryanair approach which is similar to a rugby scrum.

    Pecora Nera = Black Sheep (in italian) so hello from one black sheep to another 🙂


    • @pete – well i suppose the organization is what they are seeking, however, due to my nature, i just bristle at even the idea of it all. i so much prefer the rugby scrum approach to most things in life. soon to head off to australia, we’ll see what travel adventures await. i hope you are enjoying italy, i am half italian after all, and i long for a visit in the future – as for my other half, irish, so that should be a different trip altogether –

      ah – a fellow black sheep, how lovely )


      • Boarding a plane is a very cultural thing isn’t it. I was flying back from Bratislavia and my flight (full of Italians) was like a rugby scrum between Wales and the All Blacks. The queue for the other plan was going to Norway and they stood in a neat line, without being told…

        You need good elbows to board a ryaniar flight with other Italians.

        Black Sheep are the best 🙂


      • @pete – wouldn’t that be the greatest ad, ‘come fly with us, if you’ve got the elbows to handle it’, the italians – or ‘come fly with us if you don’t’ (the norwegians)


  7. These commenters are great! You have a fine group who come up with encouraging words even as you inspire them to make comics and blog posts about airports. Nice and funny post!


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