ever play candyland with godzilla?




the entire metropolis of candyland was wiped out today in one swipe from a massive paw belonging to a force greater than anyone could control, baby action jackson. one plastic gingerbread guy was seen slipping out just in time via gumdrop pass.


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  1. Your photo gave me a not so pleasant flashback to a time when I was probably about 10. I came home from school one day to find every board game I owned (which was a pretty impressive collection) dismantled and dumped out on the floor of my bedroom. The culprits: Mandy and Katrina; the daughters of one of my mom’s friends who was over visiting. They were standing there in the midst of it, and when I walked in simply said “Hi Dommy!” as if I would be pleased as punch to find them there, standing in the debris that had recently been my precious board game collection. (I was not pleased at all.)


    • @margaret – yes, dogs can have quite the same effect on most anything that goes on in the arena of the floor. glad you liked the name, i am always losing them and i know you understand, thanks for reading ) beth


    • @eric – that is hilarious, i remember that show well. when i saw action jackson’s level of destruction, i thought of a giant looming over the world. )


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