it’s my story, and i’m sticking to it


returning to school this week for a bit of professional development. gearing up for the return of my kinders in just a couple of weeks. had a case of ‘mistaken identity’ this morning that made it clear that i’m getting back into school mode. 

reached into my purse, and this is what i expected to put on my lips:





instead, this is what i actually put on my lips:




good thing it is ‘disappearing purple’ color. 


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  – Albert Einstein 

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  1. I have done that before! It was the roll-on hand sanitizer in my purse that felt just like my lip gloss. Luckily, the smell alerted me before it was actually ON my lips. But yikes! Hope you have a good start back to school!


  2. Love this!!! Reminds me of when I used to stop at the grocery store after work and people would always say ” you’re a teacher, right?” How did they know???? It was the purple mimeograph ink all over my face and hands!!!


      • You are very welcome, and I always say exactly what I mean, unless I am kidding, but on this occasion I am not so there 🙂 Have a lovely evening and enjoy the next two weeks holiday, probably not much of a holiday for you being that moms are always very busy but still I hope that you are having some fun 🙂

        Andro xxx


  3. you really did that? heehee. For sure you could win one of those humor contest in Readers Digest or some such publication. Make a sweet $100 or whatever the prize money is to replenish that Chapstick supply 🙂


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