art ‘n soul


 i never cease to be amazed, when walking around my city, by the surprising displays of art i encounter. they can be found in places of all kinds, and in every form imaginable.  i’m always struck by the time and care that people have taken to express themselves, to share their creative spirits, and to put their visions out there, to be met with a smile or scorn, making our space somehow the better for it, and to open random strangers’ minds and eyes to new experiences. these beauties and the people who create them, from the simple to the sublime, all for the sake of self-expression and the joy of knowing others may cross paths with them , are treasures, each in their own distinct way. 


a rabbit peeks out from a front yard filled with vine and picket fence



a wall covered in gum, once painted over, and coming to life once again with new color,

ever-evolving with the contributions of passers-by



a sidewalk, redrawn with chalk each day, into a new design, by a mother, purely for the delight of others





a pink balloon, placed by a child, to make her tree more beautiful, in hope the fairies will come



a mural on an underpass, painted by a teen who i have known to be a gifted artist since he was in pre-school

and has no idea how talented he really is



a dead tree stump given a second chance at beauty with the addition of color and life




  poetry painted on an alley ceiling  – look to the stars for inspiration


The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic.  Oscar Wilde

An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.  Charles Bukowski


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  1. Beautiful. How fortunate you are to still be able to notice beauty where others wouldn’t see anything worth a second look. I am relearning to do this with Emily as she is opening my eyes again. It’s amazing how we forget.


  2. I just had an epiphany. Your quote by Charles Bukowski — I’m an artist. I’ve always tried to make hard things simple and have never thought of that as art, but you are right and so is he. You may not have your glasses on, but you sure see things clearly!


  3. The bunny and the eyeball? So awesome that they make the rest of the really good pics look average which is still pretty spectacular. It’s extra cool that you know some of the stories behind what you photographed.


  4. Hey – this is a great post: awesome images and the content that went with him. The kiddo artist who does great work but … apparently … doesn’t believe in himself as a really talented artist. It seems like this post tells people a little more about you (that’s a compliment). This is an example of what blogging is all about. T


  5. I like that you put your refreshing outlook into this and made it extra special this time! I love the read as well as the pictures! You made the bunny and the pink balloon even more than just an image. Too bad about the young artist that he cannot be placed in an art college! Or be hired to decorate some more with a salary attached! He could have done “album covers” in the old seventies!


    • thanks so much. as for the young man, he is still too young to be considered for college, though a local university offered him a place – you’re right, he would have been a natural 70’s album cover guy )

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  6. Yes, there is art around us.

    That sidewalk chalk markings reminds of the ‘kollum” that Indian women draw outside their thresholds every morning – not anymore though.

    Have a great weekend,


  7. It is nice when art is acknowledged as most
    peeps walk around with their eyes shut these
    days 😦 I am so glad that you don’t though or
    we would not have seen these beauties 🙂

    Andro xxxx


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