look out, it’s coming!


in honor of american thanksgiving day, due to hit the states tomorrow, i offer you the ‘thanksgiving drinking game,’ courtesy of buzz feed, in hopes this will keep a smile on your face, no matter how challenging the day may be. happy holiday to all – enjoy )



“She who has no fools, knaves, or beggars in her family was begot by a flash of lightning.” —Old English Proverb

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  1. If after a while someone mispronounces your name, TAKE A DRINK. This was so good I will be following you to see what advice you have for me in the future. In the meanwhile I want to thank you for liking my post “Telephone Killer – 16” on papermudandme.wordpress.com. Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving and Aloha – pjs.


  2. love it. I don’t see my family falling in line (moderate drinkers, all), but might be fun to play it privately. Hey, my husband is driving 🙂 Thanks for the smile and laugh 😀


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