nun the wiser



one of my favorite christmas eve memories, was when my aunt, a catholic nun, mother superior of her order, came to town for the holidays. she came over early, to chat and hang out at my place. the rest of the family was running late, so for some reason, my daughters and i decided to keep her busy by playing a holiday game of ‘quarter bounce.’ open-minded, liberal nun that she is, she asked the rules and played right along with us. she actually did quite well, and we secretly wondered if she might have played once or twice before. 











later, when the whole family arrived, we decided to play ‘would you rather?.’ imagine our joy and endless laughter, (including hers), when the card she drew asked, ‘would you rather – a) have no breasts but saucer-sized nipples  -or- b) huge breasts and no nipples? could there have been anyone better in the family to have drawn that card?! sometimes the universe just lines up perfectly and offers you an unexpected and joyous gift. she chose the huge breasts option, by the way. 


Life must be lived as play. – Plato



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  1. Happy Holy! Playing quarters with the Mother Superior who happens to be your aunt. Beth, a Christmas Eve like this is beyond-words fantastic to me! When you’re a nun, I don’t think you need to practice this game. Somebody higher is looking over you. And being a good sport on that Rather question … Priceless. Lucky you.


  2. This was a fun and lively post! I think it is always nice to be reminded that the church ones, like nuns and priests, can and will play games and be a little saucy, too! My daughter went to a Franciscan university, Univ. of Dayton, and would tell me some fun stories of the priests while out and about at local pubs and restaurants… they seemed “normal” she would say! Smiles, Robin


  3. Your aunt sounds wonderful indeed. I don’t know what quarter bounce is, but I’d play! 🙂
    I LOVED ‘The Flying Nun’ show with Sally Field, just loved it. Love that photo of the nuns. That’s so fun!

    Ah, lovely memories 🙂


  4. Ha ha. Sounds like a perfectly appropriate game to play with a nun! Definitely something my family wouldn’t think twice about. She is obviously a very different and special nun.


  5. Having large breasts is as good as having nun
    and what a fun character your Auntie is, a real
    sport and someone that livens up the party 🙂 🙂

    I love this story Beth and thank you for sharing it 🙂

    Have a lovely New Years Eve
    followed by a deliciously exciting
    start to 2014 😉

    Happy New Year 2014 Beth 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  6. don’t know of quarter bounce and yes hmm like the others intrigued as to whether she answered? Wishing you a wonderful New Year Beth – happiness, love and good health to you and your loved ones. 🙂 xx and I am so glad I met you.


  7. What a funny story Beth 😀
    You must know this one:
    What goes black & white, black & white, black & white, black & white ?
    A nun falling down stairs !!
    Happy New Year. Ralph xox 😀


  8. I always wondered if the nuns who taught me way back in grades 1-4 had a silly side. I always doubted it. Sister Martha Marie was six-tw with one black eyebrow just below the white starchy thing that gave her another four inches of towering height. But after reading this, I suspect she too probably had a niece or two and a family somewhere that loved to laugh. Fun to read this memory!


  9. None of this–and none of that…does NOT apply. What a multi-faceted woman! And a mean quarters bouncer, too, it sounds like–hey. I used to live in Ann Arbor! When I was a teeny tot–Dad was a prof at the University of Michigan. 🙂


  10. I didn’t know that “would you rather” was an actual game? I thought it was just something kooky my daughter made up. She does make the questions up and they are bizarre and hilarious!
    Fun post 🙂


  11. I had an aunt who was a nun, also. She was so good to all of her nieces & nephews. This post reminded me of some of her specialness towards me.
    Here’s a story: She lived mostly in San Francisco. See’s Candy factory would never sell their ‘seconds’, but gave them to the nuns. In the interest of watching her waistline (yes, nuns had to do that, too), she mailed me a box of ‘seconds’ while I was in college. A very appreciated gift by my chocolate sweet tooth.

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