I get up in the morning looking for an adventure. – George Foreman



image credit: metro.co.com 

 today, they are back. we are all to be reunited at school once more. we have survived the holiday vortex, the polar vortex. 

i feel sure we will create our own vortex in no time. i smell adventure in the air. 

Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty – Jacob Bronowski



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  1. Be sure to tell us the adventures you concoct in reunion with the precious little ones, Beth. And that lead-off quote of yours is somewhat wise for a man who invented a little indoor grill. Oh, wait, he was famous before that!


  2. Of course I am tough manly man who chops logs and eats rough cut sandwiches, but I must admit I get pretty soggy about penguins, and have a plastic one with a propeller nose who gets some work as a cooling fan during the summer. He is a great friend of mine, and I was pleased to show him this picture of his relatives. He seemed very pleased to see them


  3. Lucky! I don’t think the kids here will ever go back to school. Just when the roads were mostly cleared and the temps back to reasonably cold levels, we got another couple inches of snow last night. No kids in school here since December 20th…


  4. You’ve got three great quotes. Yours might be the best: “i feel sure we will create our own vortex in no time. i smell adventure in the air.” And penguins? Countless. Are these Emperor penguin pups? When I was in Antarctica I saw many penguins, but never any penguin pups. Since then, I am always blessed to see pictures of penguins. Peace, T


  5. You always have wonderful and exciting adventures! I love the fact you are definitely a hands on learning presenter! You teach and learn, both, as I enjoyed this dual reciprocal action! Smiles, Robin


  6. you could’ve unleashed a string of profanity (likely, haha) and it still would have been cute because WHO DOESN’T LOVE BABY PENGUINS? Adventure sounds good to me 🙂


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