just looked outside, yep, 6 more inches of the white stuff.



but i am a woman on a mission. i will stand back up now. and i will snowshoe downtown if need be. i have a hair appointment. 

The Harvard Law states: Under controlled conditions of light, temperature, humidity, and nutrition,

the organism will do as it damn well pleases.

 Larry Wal 


image credit: funnyordie.com 

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  1. You will get there, I am certain, Beth.

    One question: In this cold and snowy winter, do more women ask the stylist to frost their hair.

    Couldn’t resist that one.

    Careful on those snowshoes. I wouldn’t want you to dye trying to get to the hair appointment.

    Do I have a third pun?

    My pun closet, like what’s up top, is partially bald …


  2. I worked at Harvard Law School for the famous blizzard of 1978. HLS was the only institution of any kind in the state that did not close!

    Enjoy your hair appointment! What’s a little snow?


    • elyse – i feel your pain and univ of mich closed for a cold/snow day this year for the first time in many, many years. i agree about the approach to the snow at this point )


  3. That dog is hysterical!
    We came up to Breck last night and we have a record number of inches on our deck! Will post tomorrow! 9 feet of snow in January alone. I would hike in snowshoes for a hair appointment too!


  4. Busier than a one-arm wallpaper hanger, but I had to take time to respond to this post. My gosh, the picture of this great dog. Is this dog yours? You get snow up there, do you? On this run, we have cumulative between 2 1/2 feet & 3 feet. I told my wife that people might think we are exaggerating , so I showed the range instead of going with 3 feet. Snow shoe down to your hair appointment? Something “Jack-Londonish” about that … and there is the markbialczak wilder man up there a ways with a kick-butt pun … Hey, you’re not going to get the big head are you? Your blog is great. When I grow up, I’m going to be a good blogger like you! Stay warm, and keep the wood stove going. T


    • thanks for taking time from your frenzy, to reply. no, not my dog, but i would love him to death if he was. i thought he perfectly illustrated my reaction upon looking outside and seeing even more snow. yes, we get a bit of snow up here, just a bit, here and there, though. no big head for me, big hair maybe, for 10 minutes or so, and then it’s back to normal for me. thanks for all and warmth is where it’s at ) b


  5. This was a pleasure to see a dog who is like I am going to be, quite soon, a lazy bones! This was a fun read and glad you made it (love the image of a woman on snowshoes going to the beauty parlor!)


  6. Too good. I love it. And I feel the same way. After shoveling WAY too much snow today. very much hoping our move from Kansas City to Pennsylvania has less snow … wait. HA HA HA. I can’t even say it without laughing. There’s going to be so much white stuff its not even funny. SMH.


  7. thanks so much, and happy you enjoyed it. glad you are going to be reading and following and i’ll be doing the same. i look forward to it. now, about that snow……..)


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