making the turn



headed out to the gym yesterday to workout and watch the big game. the university of michigan wolverines were playing basketball against our instate rivals, the michigan state spartans. i figured i’d serve myself up a little pleasure with my pain. 


as i got closer to the gym, i noticed that it was surrounded by an astounding number of opposing choices: taco bell, burger king, cottage inn pizza, noodles, mcdonalds, gourmet garden chinese, castle liquor store, subway, zingerman’s roadhouse. i could almost imagine my chalupa and mexican pizza and a cold beer.

or, there was –

 the gym. 


it would have been so easy to accidentally turn into one of those other driveways, and then the next hour would be spent indulging in food and drink heaven instead of in gym hell. 

i made the turn. 

and when i found myself in the gym, i was not disappointed, and knew i had made the right choice. there were father/sons, couples, singletons, and people of every shape and size and color imaginable. what we all had in common, was the turn we made to get there.

the familiar maize and blue home team shirts were everywhere, and people cheered while on the elliptical, treadmill, with weights, and bars, and balls, and machines. it was a great first half. and while i can’t say where everyone went for the second half, the wolverines played a magnificent game, and  we won in the end. go blue! sometimes, it’s just a matter of choosing the right driveway. and if i happen to turn into the taco bell driveway next time, so be it. 


One might as well try to ride two horses moving in different directions,

as to try to maintain in equal force two opposing or contradictory sets of desires.

 Robert Collier

image credits: michigan daily,,

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  1. How did I miss that you were in Ann Arbor? I’m originally from MI and my family has some members that bleed blue and gold, other green and white. Though personally I am not a big sports fan, I know that those games are always so full of energy and rivalry they are amazing to be part of! Glad you had fun. (Oh, and next time you’re near Zingermans, post a picture of some coffee cake for me, ok?)


    • what a small world it is, katey. it’s always interesting when there is a house divided by their sports teams. i will definitely be stopping by zing’s in the near future and try to send you a pic, so at least you can feast on it with your eyes )


  2. Congratulations for making the right turn, Beth. Or maybe it was the left turn, because I do not know your roads nor the direction you were coming from. Congratulations for making the proper turn, Beth, and working out while watching your Wolverines vanquish the rival Spartans. That sounds like a pretty healthy and happy Saturday.


  3. A gym I belonged to a few years ago was at the end of a road that had pretty much all the same food choices available. Why do they do that?? It was hard to bypass on the way to the gym, but it was even worse on the way back. Healthy post-workout dinner, or a #2 with a coke from McDs? Felt like a champ every time I kept on driving. Congrats on the self-control!


  4. good for you. 🙂 Didja know that Toxic Hell–like Mickey Deez–uses a meat product in their “beef”? It is only about 40% actual beef, and McDpnalds actually bathes their burgers in ammonia to make them “fit” for human consumption. Yum!

    Can you say: granola bar…;)


  5. I am so glad you followed your heart to the gym with the team you support over the places that may have made you regret your choice later! Smile! I happen to enjoy fast food, but prefer activities over just eating. If you can combine both, by grabbing food that they allow to be eaten while watching… now that is the way I would go! Great post, Beth!


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