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zucchini joy

i was attending a wedding shower where couples and families had been invited, and the soon-to-be bride and groom each shared true stories about the other growing up. v got up first, and shared a sentimental story about his love, back when she was just a little girl, and it inspired the guests to let out a collective, ‘awwwwww,’ when he was finished.

then c got up and shared her story about him. she told the tale of when v was little, and he desperately wanted a pet. his parents told him that it was absolutely not going to happen. and he cried and he begged and he cried some more, but all to no avail.

he wanted a companion so badly, that one day he adopted a large zucchini that he had found in the garden. he put a rope on it to create a leash, and took it on a walk. he loved his zucchini, took care of it, cleaned the outside of it, and dragged it along with him wherever he went. his mother made him keep it outside to sleep at night, where he left bowls of water for it, and each morning he ran to get it and was reunited with his pet once more. and he was happy.




 a couple of re-enactors 

before too long, as zucchini are known to do, especially when being dragged around in the dirt, the zucchini began to rot and fall apart. v valiantly tried to patch it up as best he could, but when he took it to walk around with him, little chunks fell off, and then big ones, and then bigger ones, until there was nothing left of it.

he had desperately tried to save his beloved pet, but now all that remained, was a stain on the leash, just hanging limp in his hand with nothing on the other end. and he sat in the dirt and he mourned the loss of his beloved pet zucchini. 

and the shower guests responded with a collective silence. and then some laughed until they could not stop laughing, and tears rolled down their faces. and one had tears rolling down his face just remembering his zucchini.


habseligkeiten (German) – things that an adult might find worthless, but that a child regards as treasures.


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    • sean, glad you enjoyed it, and it does sound a bit like story kids would enjoy and understand. as for the women and there pet zucchinis, so funny, that thought crossed my mind too )


  1. Belinda said it best…it is all those things. I hope he is able to laugh at it after all these years…though it sounds like it was traumatic at the time. I couldn’t help but think…if the child would go to those lengths to “create” a pet, couldn’t his parents have gotten him those damn turtles we all had that would end up flushed down the toilet…Usually that would get the pet desire out of the kids’ system…


  2. I loved this story!! That just shows that the bride and groom were meant to be together – I mean, who else would you tell the story of your precious childhood zucchini to, if not your beloved? 🙂


  3. This is made sadder by the fact that not enough remained to fry up with parmesan and panko. Then it could be like The Giving Tree, but the giving zucchini. We grew some enormous zucchinis a few years ago, and I took them to work bc they truly were so astounding that you want the world to see and touch them. So I can see becoming friends with it. This reminded me of a facebook friend whose family raised a prizewinning hog last month and then sent her off to slaughter and then posted pics of them eating her as pork chops. I don’t think I could do that. The zucchini, maybe so.


    • that is so funny, i’ll have to check that out. well then, more than one child must have had the desperate thought of taking on a veggie as a pet. understandable if you just want someone special to love )


  4. This is so funny, Beth! Great tale and you had me by capturing on film, your cute grandson (right? or other adorable child) with the huge zucchini! This couple sound like they are going to make it in the long haul! Humor and sweetness go a long way in my book! Smiles, Robin


  5. Lovely post! Naturally I am thrilled about your use of “habseligkeiten” a German word that I haven’t used in quite a while. Selig means utter happiness and also salvation, in fact in German the pope declares somebody “selig”. A child’s habseligkeiten are some things that brings an almost heavely happiness and are watched over religiously, just like this zuccini!


  6. Hey Mathilde! So good to hear from you! Thanks for your co!!netmmMax and I mentioned you yesterday thinking about all the people we can go visit around Europe 🙂 We will also be happy to host you in Berlin!The move is being a bit crazy so I am behind in posting recipes, but I plan to get back to it, possibly with some German treat ;)Hope to see you soon!


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