I don’t do well with snakes and I can’t dance. – Robin Williams



i went to this show last night, at our beautifully restored fisher theater, expecting to see a bit of fast-tapping irish dancing. it was created by the producers of riverdance, so i had a certain mind set going in, and was very happy to find it was so much more. the director/creator spoke at the beginning, and talked about how he had worked for three years to assemble this amazing ensemble of dancers and musicians from all around the world, (australia, spain, ireland, england, u.s.a, canada, mexico, and italy), to create this work of performance art.

Image Image

 while there was incredible irish dancing, there was also so much more.



each musician played at least 2 instruments and at times got out on the floor to interact with the dancers.



it was a fascinating blend of afro-cuban, spanish, irish, flamenco, latin, modern and street and classical dance,

all bathed in color and images and music.




at times it was strong and high energy, and then slow and powerfully beautiful.



it was a lovely performance in every way. and i was newly inspired with each dance.

I love tango, and I used to dance when I was young. Pope Francis

image credits: broadway in detroit









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  1. It is always exciting to go somewhere when you have high expectations and have the experience exceed them! So wonderful that you went to this performance and it does seem to hold music, dancing and excitement!! Smiles, Robin


  2. I’ve not been to see it but it sounds awesome! I only know something of the reason for the way the dance had to be done…which was pretty amazing in itself. Thanks for the review…will look for it when it appears in our area or see it in Las Vegas if it is still there…you sold me!


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