you are all stardust



No moon in Southern Australia gives a great view of the Milky Way.

dedicated to you, my aussie family, so far away. and sharing the same sky.



photo credit: the intelligent optimist



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  1. I’ve seen this quote many times but it’s always good to get a reminder. I told my five year old son about it a while ago and he just sat staring at his hand with a perplexed look on his face then pointed out that he wasn’t on fire (he knows stars are all distant suns). Think we’ve got an analytic (hopefully not too cynical) mind going on there 😛

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    • thanks, john, i’ve always loved it. cool about your son and i think that children are literal as they try to make sense of the world and then they combine it with a bit of wonder and questioning at a different level as they grow )


  2. I’m so happy that you find me striking photos and significant quotes that would never enter my life otherwise, Beth. I hope you get to talk to your Aussie family soon. I sense this post makes you miss them a bit more today.

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  3. I’ve actually always kind of wondered about that. I mean, it seems to me that most of the atoms in our solar system would be from a star that was about where our solar system was before the current sun came into being. That is, stars are really far apart and even after a nova or supernova the atoms wouldn’t be moving that fast. Wouldn’t most of them be recycled from the hr-sun?

    What I’m saying is, I did better in mathematics class than in English.


  4. My dad was a theoretical physicist–and a pianist of note (oh god I always pun…whoopsie) anyway. I think knowledge belongs intrinsically together–like back in Socrates time–as there is art in science, and science in art. Math for sure, in art…:)

    I love the star thing…


  5. I have at least one atom of iron in my left hand that came from the same start as the potassium in my right hand, but since the iron is in my blood at the moment, it will eventually make its way to my left hand. Let’s see… second star to the right and straight on till morning… that’s where it was.


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