Mistakes are the portals of discovery – James Joyce



i was so excited.

i’d saved up my change,

69 cents,

to buy my first record.

i got a ride to the store,

found ‘lady madonna’,

ran to the counter, counted out my change,

and skipped out of the store.


the moment i got home,

i put the record on, 

ready to hear my favorites sing,

i was a young beatles fan.

and i quickly discovered,

that in my rush and excitement,

i had actually purchased

 the fats domino version 

of the same song.

not the same,

but fun and different.

and new to me.

do you ever get that excited that you lose sight of the mission?

do you ever discover something wonderful and new quite by accident?

The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel and vinyl.
Dave Barry

image credits: captiol records, reprise records

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  1. Oh yes! I met my husband on a blind date…here we are, 30 years on! We both tried so hard to NOT get involved we did. 🙂 Great post, Beth…


  2. I have a similar story to MHD above, Mr S and I met online and we convinced ourselves we would just be friends… 6 years later…. Well at least you got to hear someone different. If I was awake I probably would have more answers .. But alas I’m not. xx


  3. I consider myself a major Beatles fan, and I didn’t even know there was a Fats Domino version of this song! Beth, you’ve just inspired my next post 🙂


  4. I can so see this happening to me in the excitement of youth, Beth. And I love the fact that you appreciated the Fats version, too! That’s the spirit of discovery that you hold to this very day, every post you grace us with, my friend.

    And, I must say, your commenters who connected this with meeting their husbands on blind dates totally crack me up. Yes, serendipity to the nth degree.


  5. I just ordered a classic children’s book I’ve been meaning to read for ages and ages. Second-hand dealer. 99 cents. The dealer didn’t mention that it’s a dumbed down version of the book — “adapted” and “edited.” This is not a Fats Domino interpretation. This is disneyfication. I am disappointed.


  6. My sister and I did the exact same one when buying a Nat King Cole record for Father’s Day years ago. Presented it proudly only to have dad listen to a cover version. But he was still grateful.
    When I read vinyl I thought linoleum! Totally missed that connection. 🙂 x


  7. Fun post! I’ve discovered a lot of bands randomly, which makes the music all the more special to me – The Pat Metheny Group, Stereolab, Sun Ra and the Durutti Column, are but a few notable examples.


  8. I loved this post, Beth! Reminds me of my little hapless mistakes that turn out wonderfully! I can also understand your initial disappointment! But later your realization that you found another great musician! Messages in these mishaps, seem to be to embrace our world, however it happens! Smiles, Robin


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