the aussies are coming! the aussies are coming!



and i couldn’t be happier.

part of my family lives down under.

and soon

they will be up top with us for a while.

and i will have my dream

of all of the daughters

and all of the sons in law

and all of the grand babies

in one place at one time.

and it is sure to be an adventure.

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.
Gail Lumet Buckley

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  1. I’m always trying to get my family (and all the in laws) to club together and stay in a lodge or a castle (yep apparently that’s an option over here :P). They’re scattered all over the place (some are as far as Kuwait), maybe one day, it’s just great to enjoy time with family (provided it’s the kind that can get on), I feel very lucky that my wife’s sisters and my sisters get on, my parents and my in-laws get on. Think it would be great. Enjoy your time with them all, very jealous.


  2. If that’s a picture of your family at the beginning of the post, they sure are a bouncy crew. With those pouches they could save money on fanny packs. Ha! Sounds like you’re going to have a fun summer.Beth. You’ll have to buy some more big pots and carts and the like to have enough containers to put all the grandbabies in. πŸ˜€


    • yes, they are quite a lively bunch indeed, as you can see from the picture. and you are so right, i have got to start gathering containers stat! thanks paul )


  3. This is the happiest post of June, Beth. Yay for the daughters. Yay for the sons-in-laws. Yay for the grandbabies. Yay yay yay for you and your family.

    Yip for the kangaroos. I dig the kangaroos, so a minor cheer for them.


  4. You are going to think I visited your post, when you see my post today. But I entered the library at 9:00 am and wrote a post, before reading any others and it is about the Tony awards. I wrote the “Tony’s are coming, The Tony’s are coming!” I swear this on a Bible!
    Great minds think alike and I like your version of family coming from Down Under much more than the Tony award show being tomorrow. I think the effect of the loved ones coming is so deep and important. My post is so silly and unsubstantial!
    But, we both watched the movie, The Russians Are Coming! which inspired us to repeat ourselves!
    So happy for your upcoming guests!!


    • that is so funny robin, we really are on the same wavelength. and yes, i did see that movie too. i loved your post, not silly at all and thanks for your well wishes )


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