if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – milton berle


the cousins

set up a business

selling  lemonade

to a captive audience

of family and friends.

 some of the employees

wait for the customers

to come to their door

and at times business is slow.

but one,

the littlest,

has an out of the box idea.

he quietly



already sold

and pours it back

into the the pitcher

to resell again.

to the same captive audience.

“i’m a hustler, baby; i sell water to a well!”
― jay-z

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  1. No refunds. Stand policy.

    Priceless cousin business bonding, and from the littlest comes the biggest money maker.

    First time ever for Milton Berle and Jay-Z to so comfortably bookend a post, I think, Beth.

    What a great picture. Happy July Sixth to the big family shin-dig.


  2. They are so precious Beth. Beautiful. The little girl in front has a very devilish grin in her face. And I noticed the youngest entrepreneur who’s re-cycling ( a very noble enterprise) has a large wet spot on the ground under the table – he may still be working on the correct method to pour from a cup to a jug. Ha! I hope you all are having a wonderful time – the kids certainly seem to be. Happy Vacation!


  3. Well, Jay Z, aren’t we a little full of ourselves? Got a little case of the Kanyes. Here, kids can’t sell lemonade without a business permit (even in their own yard) because that is how the Founding Fathers would have wanted it, I’m sure.


  4. They all will become great entrepreneurs, either in their creative side or in their business side! Smiles for the photos of those sweet and industrious children, Beth!!


  5. Thanks for reminding about Milton Berle. We didn’t sell lemonade, we sold Kool-Aid. It was made from little packets and you had to add your own sugar. But like your post, our customers were our parents.


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