a well-spent day brings happy sleep. leonardo da vinci


10388205_10152856786108079_6913123605263567640_nand at last

the family

is all tucked in


tuckered out

from another day

spent together

and it is good.



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  1. I love the image of your family ‘hunkering down’ to rest and sleep. I bet you read them stories and sing the little ones songs, too!
    The dogs reminded me of my brother and sister in law’s house, before the wedding that was a couple of weeks ago. The wedding was out at the lake, at my parents’ old cottage, but no one was supposed to bring dogs, so they all seemed to drop them off at Rich and Susan’s house! There were two hound dogs, one mixed dachshund and beagle mix, my Mom’s Shih-Tzu, a golden retriever, a Newfoundland and two labs! I wonder what kind of photo op I could have had while they were resting? Smiles, Robin


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