onion rings in the car cushions do not improve with time – erma bombeck




it was

finally time


my car

the red devil

to move on

to a new owner


and steady

but not

a very hearty

long distance

winter companion


a friendly and loyal gorilla

who just can’t quite

make it up a hill


bought my shiny silver car

saleswoman said

i knew

you were the perfect person

for this car

when you asked me

to program in

the npr station


and i sang

all the way home


a silver canary

who was just a bit off-key.



“gossip is the devil’s radio.”

 – george harrison

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  1. Haha! I just sold “Vegas” on Monday, and am now tooling around in a little Nissan Juke… Nothing like a new car to lift one spirits! Gone is the mom wagon, enter the girlie mobile! Woohoooooo….


    • thanks, jen. and ironically, npr (national public radio), is a story telling, international and local news talk station, with some music on weekends. i guess the singing came mostly from driving the new car )


  2. I am excited about your silver Subaru, Beth! Congrats for the new, condolences for the old one which was filled with memories. Love the idea of onion rings in the seat covers, but I have to say, fish or milk spilled are much worse! Ha ha! (Experienced both of these….)


  3. I’m on my second Subie! It’s just like the commercial, the first one saved our lives! Now my teenage son has a little red devil 04 impreza.


  4. Beth … I love your cat photos and that reliable old Red Devil. I had a red Nissan Stanza. It was 12 years old when I sold it to a co-worker for a winter rat. Very reliable car. Wish I had another one like it. 😉


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