a grownup is a child with layers on. ~ woody harrelson



all ages, all genders, all comers kickball

we brought

the shades

the kids

the headbands

the colors

the kicks

the neighbors

the knee socks

the diapers

the power

can’t touch this

time for a rematch

bring it

the playing adult steps sideward into another reality;

the playing child advances forward to new stages of mastery. 

~ erik h. erikson

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  1. I remember how seriously we used to take playground kickball in elementary school, Beth. I couldn’t believe it a decade ago when I discovered they’d started adult leagues in Syracuse! I haven’t signed up. I fear pulled muscles at this point. My kicker is out of tone. And tune. I love the idea of your colorful, all-ages, neighborhood pickup game. Play ball!


    • exactly, mark. and now it is just pure fun, though there are some who are still competitive, but i find it hard to take kickball too seriously. get back in the game as soon as you are able, mark!


    • jen – umm, no. it’s a big, red rubber ball, there is a pitcher and fielders and you run along the bases, once you’ve kicked the ball. kind of like american baseball, and so fun )


  2. If I saw those knee socks coming I’d run for cover. The colors could only be from a breach in the the space-time continuum and our only hope would be to out run it.


  3. I fear my layers are fat layers, but I digress………

    Hanging around kids is so much fun for me. It helps me reconnect with the way they see the world, and I prefer the way they see it so much of the time.


  4. I can’t walk past a ball without giving it a kick, or stopping to watch something wonderful happening beth. The inner child still needs nourishing.


  5. I loved kickball, Beth! I haven’t played it in years! I actually have a green rubber ball which we have used to pretend it is a soccer ball, for the little ones whose feet get ‘hurt’ on the hard soccer ball my youngest daughter left behind. I remember those days, you all look like you walked out of the 80’s with such colorful and typical ‘old style’ head gear! Loved this post, my friend!


  6. Beth … Kickball is probably one of the few sports I enjoyed as a child even though I had problems with depth perception. It was fun.

    Your quote makes me think of the movie, “Big.” We, as adults, really are children with layers on. The layers might be clothing to keep us warm, or experience to protect us from harm. Cool!


    • i agree, judy and i’m not coordinated at all, but it is a sport that most anyone can play. yes, about the layers – i do think they are a level of self-protection we take on as adults to save us from hurt and harm and worry about what could happen. play is a great leveler.


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