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  1. Just having my first one this morning, as I sit checking messages and blogs. This one is medicinal. I have to confess that there are cups later in the day that are psychological rather than physiological. Funny quote Beth – I’ve not seen it before.


  2. There should be an EZ Pass system like on the turnpike. (Just like there should be one for alcoholics who open the store: “Look lady; your soda and chips can wait! I can barely hold the $3.50 in coins in my trembling hands!!”)


  3. I think there should be two lines, Mr. Dave Barry is absolutely correct! Those who are just goofing around and don’t need to get somewhere, (well, like me when I am out and about, just wanting something yummy to drink and eat, content to talk to my neighbors in line. . .) should be in the longer line where they have all the time in the world to chit-chat. Those who need their java bursts, need shorter lines, Beth!


  4. Hey, I’m pretty efficient about the coffee. Though I mostly get coffee only when I’m visiting the farmer’s market that gives out complimentary cups, and that I’ll turn into a major art project but there’s a lot of counter space and I don’t take up much of it.


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