my mind is like a banana tree filled with monkeys clamoring for attention – author unknown


happy national banana lovers day!

august 27th



credits:,, jack kerouac

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  1. What a wacky day it was and no bananas, Beth! I needed one! Happy celebration and hope you had a fine and delicious one, I love frozen bananas with chocolate. Did you know that Dove now makes sliced dark chocolate bananas and they are in the freezer department? Yummy for our tummy!


  2. I never saw or ate a banana until I was 6 years old beth and I’ve loved them ever since. Did you know the banana tree is actually a member of the fern family? I do love banana fritters 🙂


  3. When I was in High School, my friend and I used to put the stickers on our foreheads…silly!

    I told my husband about this one day while we were driving down the interstate.

    I was eating a Chiquita as I told the story and stuck the blue sticker to my forehead…and forgot about it!

    As people drove by they would smile, but it was a funny kind of smile. I mentioned this to hubby, and he just grunted. When we got to Oregon -3 hours later – I finally realized I had the sticker on my forehead and started to laugh with understanding about the funny grins I’d received. Hubby finally let out the laugh he’d been holding the entire time!

    Happy banana day indeed!


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