are the lights back on yet?




little one

not today

not tomorrow

may be a while


run and play

many thanks to aussie artist extraordinaire, jenni gray of art candy, for sharing this baby

and to the power company warriors who are working so hard to bring back the light.

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwww. that face! thanks…saved the little guy to my folder. so you are a victim of the environment rearing its natural head…I sympathize…I figure those times help to ignite appreciation for when things run smoothly? I always figure had I been a native American, I might have appreciated nature more than I sometimes do what with running water and electricity? I do not like the inconvenience of being shut down, except lately I have been existing pretty close to the earth and I kinda think the tribes had a good thing going. signed: Sioux-sie! no disrespect intended…I am serious!

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  2. Wow, I had to google power outage in Michigan – you guys got hit bad. We had a similar but not so bad thunder storms here in Ottawa on Fand about 100,000 loss power. Ther are some who still do not have it back as of this morning (Sunday). I hope all is OK with you Beth. These days in-home power is used for so much even medical equipment, that a loss can be very dangerous. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering.

    Meanwhile, that has got to be the cutest baby sheep that I’ve ever seen. Such a huge smile to be with us. And so curious about the camera. Ha!

    Thanks for the great post Beth, you started my day with a grin. 🙂

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  3. He has such a cute and adorable grin, like a little Imp! So sorry that I didn’t know of the power outage and how it is really hitting your area. I must have not stopped by yesterday? Anyway, so hoping it is all fixed by now!

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  4. Cute goat. At least they don’t stink at that age, not like the old billy’s. 😦 We’re lucky here beth, we live off the grid. We have solar power, with battery storage so we can go about three days without ultraviolet light before the generator needs to go on. We have tank water and our own septic system, so the only thing that could possibly upset things is if the solar panels blew away. 😦 I do hope your life gets back to normal soon. 🙂

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  5. Your area made the Indiana news and while we got hit hard, we have power. I lose power and have no water and can’t flush the toilet…yet another joy of living in the country! Good luck! Hope it gets restored sooner than they are telling you. They often tell you a day or two longer so people don’t bother them! At least it’s not unbearable hot. Good time to just relax and read a book.

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