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  1. The ideas you gave in your title are all so good, Beth! I think it is always good to ‘meander’ and savor our journeys. We all do fall down, but picking ourselves up and brushing off the challenges, really does help us along the way to have a better trip through life! The blues and greens are so calming in this post. Perfect!

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    • Etymology 1[edit]
      1387, Unknown, but possibly Old Irish, Scottish Gaelic bun (β€œbase, bottom”)

      bum (plural bums)

      The buttocks.
      Okay, everyone sit on your bum and try and touch your toes.
      (UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, informal, rare, Canada, US) The anus.
      (by metonymy, informal) A person.
      For usage examples of this term, see the citations page.
      Usage notes[edit]
      In the United States and Canada, bum is considered the most appropriate term when speaking to young children, as in Everyone please sit on your bum and we’ll read a story. For older children and teenagers, especially males, as well as adults, the term butt is the most common term except in professional contexts such as medical, legal, and scientific where buttocks is generally used or gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, etc. for the muscles specifically. Glutes is often used in sports medicine and bodybuilding. Ass (US derivation of Old English arse) is considered somewhat vulgar in North America, while backside, behind, and bottom are considered to be old-fashioned and non-specific terms.
      (buttocks or anus): arse (UK, Irish, Australian, New Zealand), ass (North America), backside, behind, bottom, bum (North America), butt (North America), heinie (North America), fanny (North America), tush (North America), tushie (North America)
      (buttocks specifically): butt cheeks (North America), buttocks (technical), cheeks, glutes (muscles), gluteus maximus (primary muscles)
      (anus specifically): anus (technical), arsehole (UK, Irish, Australian, New Zealand), asshole (North America)

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  2. Some people want to race through life, others cling on to whatever they can. I think a nice amble is the way to go, the things that are going to happen to you will arrive in their own good time.
    We won’t go into what fanny means here in Oz beth.

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  3. Love this….cause just today hubby called and said…..”are you running?” when I answered the phone…and I said….”YES” — and he said…”great! it is a beautiful day!” and I said: ” noooo…I am running around the house trying to hurry up and clean it!” Ha, ha, ha…would have been better to be out running! πŸ™‚ Anyway…lovely post!

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