i have measured out my life with coffee spoons. – t. s. eliot



 found out

i missed

national coffee day



calls for

double celebration



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  1. OMG! We missed National Coffee Day?!?! How do these things keep slipping by us Beth? Ha! You’re right – that calls for double the coffee today. **Staggers away, eyes wide, vibrating and twitching slightly.**

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  2. I heard McD’s and Dunkin Donuts had free coffee, Tim Horton’s had their large coffees for a buck until October first… Well, I definitely think double espresso with cream, caramel flavoring and some sugar would be my way of ‘celebrating!’ It doesn’t matter what day it is, Beth, you are always a fun place to have a cup of coffee with!


  3. I like the image you used with this post. I am obviously not the only one that missed National Coffee Day. National Coffee Day needs to be converted into “National Coffee Week”. That’s what needs to happen. Thanks for keeping us on track, Beth.


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