just learning and laughing and sharing stories.


scott norton taylor

ready for round two



parent teacher conferences

last night


 we shared our stories


they shared their stories

we really

 learned a lot

about their children


they really

learned a lot

about their children


it all fit together


we all shared

some great laughs



learn just as much today


laugh just as much today


every truth has four corners:

as a teacher i give you one corner,

and it is for you to find the other three.
– confucius

image credit: scott norton taylor

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  1. Hilarious picture Beth. And when i read your comment under it, i laughed out loud. It is a testament to your excellence as a teacher that you see parent/teacher meetings as a learning and sharing experience. That attitude brings a lot of power for the good to those meetings.

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  2. I’ve been on both sides of what we would call Parents Evenings. As a parent I always learnt more about the teacher than my child when they were at primary school. looking back at my teaching days I wish I had known then what it felt like for the parent!
    You seem like a teacher I would have loved my children to have had.

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  3. I am way too old to have a 10 year old daughter, but I do, and I had my conference with her teacher today. It is so heartwarming to hear good things about her (and a few “things to improve on” of course, ha ha) from others. It was also interesting to find out that she is only the 2nd-shyest little girl that her teacher has ever met. And that she loves to read. I’ve gotten some hints this school year that she likes reading, which warms my heart greatly of course. Last year it was like pulling teeth to get her to read anything, but I figured it (the love of reading) would just come somedays if we’d all just let her read some things she wanted to read, and it did, it did. Go, “Warrior Cats!”
    The new “new math” is a whole different religion, of course. 😉 Maybe some day she will love that too.

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  4. Loved this, Beth, and if we approach each other looking for what is unique and special, life goes so much better. Hope Round Two went just as smoothly; it can be a grueling but satisfying experience for all involved!

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  5. Loved the old and good days of conferences, it really opened my eyes, along with preschool home visits twice annually for 24 (am and pm classes) students’ families! I love the Confucius quote, makes you think…

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