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  1. Alright but I have to tell you that I don’t buy any clothing unless I’ve seen it worn by someone. Given that,when’s the show? Ha! I mean realistically, what else would you wear when you had to go hunting in your underwear?

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  2. What exactly does the wearer want to blend in with, is what I’m left to wonder, Beth. And thank you for choosing a quote that brings me to one of my favorite writers Richard Ford and his character, The Sportswriter, Frank Bascomb, weary through three novels but still optimistic and trudging through.

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  3. I see someone beat me to the Bass Pro comment. I couldn’t understand how PINK and camo go together!

    Then I saw a little princess walking around the store behind her father. Underneath the pink dress, she wore pink camo pajama pants. . .

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  4. I was recently in New England and saw lots of cameo. Bizarrely, folks were usually wearing both ca mo and blaze orange. You’d think it would be one or the other. Of course, nobody flashed their skivvies!

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