smiling after lunch with plenty of wild turkeys on the side.



 it’s not the drinks, it’s the company.

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  1. Hmmm, looks like a handful of turkeys if ever I’ve seen one. Ha! Wait, there’s the head turkey back there on the left with the turquoise turtleneck. I have to ask – there is a sign on the right on what looks like a cabinet or a really big box, that says “Turkey Treehouse”. Whta is a Turkey Treehouse?

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    • yes, you are a good observer of detail, paul. the turkey treehouse is what we named our loft that is next to our huge feast table. it’s made of wood and kids climb a ladder to go read or do puppet shows or just relax. below, the doors open and we store their napping cots inside. we change the theme every month.


  2. I see you with the turquoise scarf and you look so radiant. You are in ‘your element’ in the classroom, Beth! Hugs and you don’t look a day over 40!! I am going to stay at 59 until my kids are that old! ha ha!

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