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  1. Oh Beth this is a favorite time of year for me. I’m not making amends mind you. Hot cups of chocolate, no snow but plenty of rain and gloom to read books and write. I hope your computer is recovering nicely in its bag of rice.

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  2. If you are in the forgiving and moving forward mood, then amends just happen as you go about your merry life. Now is that really that hard to do, after all.

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    • It’s the easiest fairy, I am in the hoots with the DishesDone Fairy and that one is only because not giving up places to store our lovely collection of pots and pans, and other gadgets.

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  3. I like birds, so this was a ‘hit’ with me, Beth! Also, love making amends as part of December. So many families need to be close and forgive and forget. Thank God, we have family members who love and accept us just the way we are, Beth! (Crazy, silly and sometimes embarrassing!)

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